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About Me

About Me

University of OxfordIn February 2015, I was appointed as the Technology Associate for the £38million Quantum Computing Hub at University of Oxford. The flagship goal of Oxford’s £38 million programme is to build a fully-functional small quantum computer. 

My role is in user engagement activities. Tim Cook (Hub Co-Director) and I oversee the ~£3.5 million industrial innovation programme. My role is to provide the Hub a deep understanding of the current technology landscape and a vision for emerging technologies. This enables an efficient use of the £3.5M to commercialise our technologies to address business demands in digital, health, finance and military applications. 

Geared with a technical background (PhD in Physics, scientist in Toshiba) and a strong interest in business, I have an ability to spot the commercial opportunities for promising technologies. A key part of my job is to speak to enterprises, understand their work flow and examine their potential problems. Using entrepreneurial thinking, I negotiate and secure resources to create business solutions using our Hub’s technologies. 

As a result, I have experience in IP generation, knowledge transfer, executing proof of concepts for new technologies, proposals/bid preparation, contract negotiation and technology investment.

I am the contact point for over 120 companies, venture capitalists and researchers. This requires excellent skills in relationship management. 

As my passion is in technology and business, I am regularly invited to contribute to the government technology roadmaps. I initiated and co-authored NQIT's Technical Roadmap. This document was launched in the 2nd UK National Quantum Showcase Event (Westminster, London) in Nov 2016. It provides an impartial and accurate presentation of the fault-tolerant quantum computing technology, its developments and the potential applications for a small quantum computer. I hope that this roadmap will be helpful to those who want to understand, engage, develop or invest in this technology. You can download this document by clicking
In addition, I am a staff member in the Department of Physics. I am leading an Innovate UK project as a Co-Investigator in Quantum Wireless Networks. This is a collaborative project with Dept. of Engineering, University of Oxford, Nokia (Cambridge) and Bay Photonics Ltd. Together we investigate the feasibility of short range encryption using quantum cryptography.

In May 2015, I was elected as a Junior Research Fellow in Kellogg College, University of Oxford. I mentor up to 9 post-graduate students every academic year.

I have keen interests in organising public engagements and trade events. I am on the national committee of the Quantum Technology Showcase Event (Royal Society, London, Nov 2015). I am in charge of the exhibitions of the Quantum UK 2015 Conference (Oxford, Sep 2015) and the Oxford Photonics Day (2014 and 2015). I was also involved in the Royal Society Summer Exhibition (2013).

Career Background:
I am a chartered physicist. My research is in the area of quantum information. 

My PhD project has demonstrated the world’s first secure quantum data link applied to a Fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) network. This work has been featured in physics.org and the BBC news (Link). From Oct 2011 to May 2014, I was leading a project on the world's first high speed communication network secured by quantum encryption technology in Toshiba Research Europe Ltd in Cambridge, UK. (BBC news link) Together with our project partners British Telecom, ADVA Optical Networking and National Physical Laboratory, we have successfully shown the world's first field trial of a quantum secured live fibre network. This has been featured on BT press release (Link) and Nature (Link).

As a trained physicist, I have strong analytical skills. I have over 10 years of experience in handling complex scientific data. I am a confident leader with the aptitude to identify information, under-lying problems and trends from raw data to produce conclusive reports to my colleagues and commercial partners. I represented Toshiba at meetings regularly and report directly to the assistant managing director on the project progress and achievements.   

I had the opportunity to interact with the high-profile journal Nature and the Irish national broadcaster RTÉ in producing interviews with Nobel Laureates in Physics. I have keen interests in communicating with the general public on the latest developments in the field of science.


List of Awards and Honours:

2015       Elected as a Junior Research Fellow, Kellogg College, University of Oxford
2014       Chartered Physicist, Institute of Physics, UK
2008       Represented the Republic of Ireland at the 58th Lindau Nobel-Laureate Meeting

2007       Winner of the Rosse Medal, commissioned by Institute of Physics and Earl of Rosse (Sir William Parsons KP, FRS)
2005       Irish State Scholar Award (€80,000) from Irish Research Council for Science, Engineering and Technology to pursue PhD studies in the Republic of Ireland
Represented the Republic of Ireland in the 33rd International Physics Olympiad, Turkey
2001       Gold Medallist of 2001 Irish/IBM Physics Olympiad

Language Skills:
I can speak in 5 languages: 
Chinese Cantonese (Fluent), English (Fluent), Chinese Mandarin (Advanced), French (Intermediate) and Italian (European Framework B2/upper intermidate level)


Contact Details: 
Email: iris@irischoi.com

Address: Department of Physics,
              University of Oxford,
              Parks Road,
              United Kingdom 
              OX1 3PU

About Me